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Why you want to come to Tysons Aesthetic Dentistry

It is our goal at the Tysons Aesthetic Dentistry to help people to achieve comfort, eliminate dental issues that cause great frustration, and help couples sleep together in harmony. In short, we have a practice that is unlike the old tradition of dental care. We are focused on enhancing our patients overall health, well being, longevity and appearance. You could say we give our patient a reason to smile with the radiance of health and dental confidence. WE have always added to our collection of medical/dental services and blended them with patient comfort services such as dental sedation, that allow us to achieve such great results for our patients while adding up to 25 years to their life expectancy. So no matter what your concern… from disappointing smiles, missing teeth, head, neck and face pain, or seeking alternatives for CPAP masks or snoring issues, we do it all!

We at Tysons Aesthetic Dentistry are blessed to offer services that are the embodiment of the unique talents of Dr. H. R. Makarita. His insatiable quest for knowledge makes him the consummate student and educator in one. As a result, his patients have the benefit of one dentist, one mind, and one guiding hand throughout their care.

Meet Dr. Makarita

H. R. Makarita ,DDS

Dr. Makarita graduated from the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry in 1988, and maintains a private practice in McLean, Virginia with an emphasis on physiologic based aesthetic dentistry. His passion is to create beautiful smiles while providing comprehensive dentistry for total health. Dr. Makarita believes strongly in continuing education and is committed to keeping up with the latest techniques and materials to provide his patients with exceptional dentistry…

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